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Stories of change


The openness of others could drive me to anxiety

Story by Pastor David Hakizimana Hakizimana, a sociotherapist and pastor of a Pentecostal church of Rwanda (ADEPR), is passionate about sociotherapy, and wants the good news of community building to be known more widely. From childhood, when he was orphaned and began to raise his younger siblings, and throughout his

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I had no one to trust

Story by Leoncie Kampire Kampire, a sociotherapist from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), supports a number of people every day in Gihembe Refugee Camp. Even with these relationships, Kampire felt weighed down by her problems. Insomnia kept her up at night, she would burst into tears over small things,

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I wanted to apologize but didn’t know how

My name is Francois. I was born in 1964 in Muhanga district. I am married and a father of two children. Before the genocide, I was a farmer.. Although I participated in the genocide, I never truly had the intention inside my heart to do so.  When the genocide started, I initially tried to

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I regained hope

My name is Elina. I am a widow and mother of 3 children. I was born in 1977 in Gatsibo district, but I grew up in Rulindo district with my mother.  I remember one particular Thursday in April 1994. My mother woke up early to go to Kigali to sell vegetables. However, this time

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