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Grassroots advocacy

EKN Project

Funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the “Mvura Nkuvure: Intergenerational healing and community reconciliation” project aims at dealing with the long-lasting consequences of the politically motivated ethnic discrimination and repression which repeatedly escalated into episodes of mass killings and eventually led to a well-orchestrated genocide against

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Tujyane project

The Tujyane (let’s go together) project is funded by the European Union and aims at contributing to democratization processes and equitable development by supporting the reintegration process of ex-prisoners and mitigating the negative impacts of intergenerational legacies of the genocide, including the transmission of trauma, violence and divisionism. In this

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Gender and family relations

COSTAR Project

The Community-Based Sociotherapy Adapted for Refugees (COSTAR) project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of community-based sociotherapy (CBS) in reducing depressive symptomology in Congolese refugees. COSTAR is implemented in partnership with Liverpool University, the University of Rwanda, Makerere University (Uganda) and UNHCR. It is funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social

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Breaking cycles of violence

CBS Rwanda has been working as a partner of the Free University of Amsterdam (VU) in the Tailor-Made Training (TMT) project: Breaking cycles of violence: Strengthening the capacity of a local Congolese NGO in implementing, monitoring and evaluating community-based sociotherapy in North Kivu. This project has been implemented between 2018

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Impacting hearts, heads and hands

CBS Rwanda is also part of a partnership implementing the “Impacting hearts, heads and hands” project in Eastern Congo. It is a Tailor-Made-Training plus (TMT+) project that builds on the projects: Breaking cycles of violence and Promoting community dialogue in the context of conflict.  It is funded by NUFFIC and

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Umusingi w’Amahoro Arambye: Breaking through intergenerational cycles of trauma and violence

Ikiraro cy’Iterambere has supported Community Based Sociotherapy (CBS), the Anglican Church, Byumba Diocese (E.A.R. Byumba) and Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR) on supporting reconciliation in local communities by implementing a project known as Umusingi w’Amahoro Arambye. The project focused on stimulating grassroots advocacy at the District level by working closely with

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