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Tujyane project


The Tujyane (let’s go together) project is funded by the European Union and aims at contributing to democratization processes and equitable development by supporting the reintegration process of ex-prisoners and mitigating the negative impacts of intergenerational legacies of the genocide, including the transmission of trauma, violence and divisionism. In this project, CBS is working together with the Dutch NGO Radio La Benevolencija and the project will be implemented in Nyabihu, Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts.

In the Tujyane project, community-based sociotherapy will be used to enhance feelings of safety, trust and human dignity and support processes of reconciliation, social cohesion, family and community conflict resolution. In addition to that, grassroots advocacy initiatives will be stimulated and facilitated through the People’s Parliament for Peace (PP4P) meetings. These approaches will be complemented by the radio drama Musekeweya, which is developed and produced by RLB. Musekeweya seeks to stimulate national populations to recognize and stand up against the psychosocial triggers of ethnic manipulation, stereotyping and the use of intergenerational legacies for incitement to violence. Through additional outreach activities at grassroots level – including listening groups – RLB encourages people to emulate radio drama’s role models in practice. Musekeweya, is listened to by approximately 77% of the national audience.