Socio-economic development

Socio-economic development

The increased level of psychosocial well-being among graduates of sociotherapy, interpersonal reconciliation and social cohesion are the factors that also facilitate engagement in economic development.

As groups that have done a healing journey together for about 15 weeks, sociotherapy graduates decide to remain and work together for them to sustain new life orientation they benefit from the healing journey. The groups are characterized by trust, togetherness and most of the time are people with different historical background who have decide to change mindset from the history of conflict and violence to a united association and community.

Main activities performed by sociotherapy graduates are agriculture, saving and loans among members, breeding, etc.

This is the foundation of sustainability of sociotherapy where hundreds of sociotherapy graduates have initiated income generating activities, different socioeconomic development projects

Improved psychosocial lives also empowers sociotherapy graduates to think of economic growth and poverty alleviation from individual, family level to community level.

The ability to support each other among graduates trhough cooperatives or small income generating associations. Community Based Sociotherapy in counts today around estimated numbers of graduated who are still working united and with big dreams to change their lives.

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