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Nicolas Habarugira


Nicolas Habarugira

Nicolas Habarugira has more than nine years of experience working in the areas of peacebuilding and community and civil affairs. Currently he is a Field Coordinator at CBS Rwanda in charge of coordinating the activities in the Western Province in Rwanda.

He previously worked as a Participatory Action Researcher in the same organization for three years. Nicolas is also an alumnus of Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability at the Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (USA). He holds certificates from the Auswitch Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (USA) on genocide and mass atrocities, Memory and memorialization, Early warning and atrocity Prevention Mechanism, and the International Peace Support and Training Center in Kenya.

Nicolas has worked with non-government organizations for many years in Rwanda and other African countries. He has contributed to different international peace support missions, election observations in transitional democracies.

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