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what is sociotherapy?

In Rwandan context sociotherapy was initiated as Community- based Sociotherapy: A bottom up approach which uses the community’ as a resource to assist people in coping with daily social stressors and traumatic past experiences related to a history of political violence and to facilitate sustainable peace-building.  

How do you recruit sociotherapist and on which basis?

Sociotherapists are recruited from the community. The candidates are expected to work according to the core values a sociotherapist should abide by which are: availability, integrity and social acceptance 

How Sociotherapy groups are set and for how long?

The group members are between 10 and 15 people, guided by 2 trained sociotherapists and they meet one day per week for 15 weeks.  

Target groups for Sociotherapy.

Currently sociotherapy program is working with: 

  • Leaders and teachers 
  • Youth  
  • Prisoner, Ex-prisoners and their families 
  • The staff of the Rwanda Correctional Services 
  • Community conflict mediators 
  • People living with disabilities 
  • Orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) 
  • Survivors and their families 
  • New returnees 
  • Ex- Gacaca Judges  
  • People living with disabilities 
  • Widows and Single mothers 
  • Refugees 

How the impact related to Sociotherapy is evaluated?

Mainly through research: 

Using quantitative methods: 

  1. retrospective studies 
  1. Pre and post intervention studies 

And qualitative data collection, with:  

  1. Interviews  
  1. Focus group discussion  
  1. Stories of changes  
  1. Life stories