About Us

Community-Based Sociotherapy 

Community-Based Sociotherapy (CBS Rwanda) is a non-governmental organization legally established in 2016. It originates from the implementation of the community based Sociotherapy approach in Rwanda since 2005. Community-based sociotherapy is an approach that uses the group as a therapeutic medium in the establishment of trust, the creation of an open environment for discussion and the formation of peer-support structures.

Our vision

CBS Rwanda recognizes that the psychosocial recovery from political violence and conflict is a prerequisite to the social change that is needed to reach a sustainable peace. Thus, CBS envisions to contributing to psychosocial recovery from a history of political violence and to the social change for the promotion of sustainable peace across the generations.

Our mission

The mission of CBS Rwanda is to contribute to the improvement of psychosocial well-being of people affected by the Genocide against Tutsi, painful past and/or on-going daily stressors, restoring the social fabric and protecting the peace.

Our leadership 


Dr. Onesphore Rwaje

1st Vice Chairman

Gashagaza Deo

2nd Vice Chairman

Yvone Mutakwasuku 

Executive Director

Nzaramba Lucie