I found myself pregnant with my boyfriend, which was very traumatizing to me. I approached my boyfriend and informed him about the pregnancy. He immediately rejected me. As a consequence, I felt hopeless and developed a great fear. I was in a permanent feeling of guilt and shame, particularly towards my parents and brothers even though I had not informed them yet. In order to deal with the situation, I decided to secretly commit abortion. I took a chemical and aborted without much physical harm. Still, I continued to fear that my parents and brothers would become aware of my situation. Also, the feeling of guilt and shame were exacerbating instead of decreasing. I decided to commit suicide and put an end to my suffering. I went into a bush near our village and drank a poisonous liquid. When I was unconscious, a man passed by and saw me. He called others to help and they brought me to the hospital. After I recovered I was arrested and immediately imprisoned for having committed abortion.

In prison my state of mind deteriorated. I felt more depressed and anxious. The thoughts of committing suicide always remained on my mind. I was no longer eating and sleeping. While others were sleeping around 2 AM, I would just circulate in the prison cell looking for a place where I could commit suicide. I intended to do it in the washrooms. I had prepared a piece of cloth to facilitate me in committing suicide. While I was in this bad situation, a sociotherapist came to recruit me for sociotherapy. I was reluctant and considered her invitation as a joke. Yet I decided to attend the socio-sessions. During the first two sessions I did not really get moved at all. From the third session onwards though, I began to realize that the sociotherapy sessions were touching me. I was especially touched by the phase of care; it was then that I realized that I did not care about myself or others. I told myself that sociotherapy will heal me. I started to eat again, and from then on I took care of myself. I have been able to forgive myself and the person who made me pregnant. I overcame the feelings of fear, as I realized that I was not alone. I decided to join a group of ladies that are making baskets. Today I am no longer isolated and I can even sleep again. If sociotherapy had not intervened, I am sure that I would have committed suicide within the prison. Now I can even give good advices to other inmates. I call upon all of them to join sociotherapy.