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Angela Jansen


Angela Jansen

Angela Jansen has a Bachelor Cultural Anthropology and a Master International Development Studies with a specialization in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. She as a peacebuilding professional committed to promote and facilitate bottom-up peacebuilding initiatives.

Since 2008 she has worked with several non-government organizations and public institutions in the Netherlands, Haiti, Cameroon, Rwanda and DR Congo with a focus on conflict and/or disaster affected settings. Angela started to work as a Head of Programs for the Community Based Sociotherapy Program (CBSP) in Rwanda in 2013.

In line with her work in Rwanda, she conducts research within the Rwandan context, focusing on narrative identity among perpetrators and intergenerational dynamics.  In 2020 she started a PhD trajectory at the Research Chair for Historical Trauma and Transformation at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.   


Phone: +250 789 410 921

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